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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review: Imperial PumKing

When I got home from work yesterday Kim said she had a surprise for me. In the refrigerator, I found the beer I had perseverated about all weekend: the Imperial PumKing by Southern Tier Brewing Co. Ah, thank you! I grinned and closed the refrigerator door to let the beer chill. 
Imperial PumKing by Southern Tier Brewing Co.
After the October sky had darkened and we had a warm fire glowing in the living room, we tasted the mighty PumKing and took notes.

Appearance: Pours a honey, orange color. Not much head.

Smell: Syrupy, pumpkin custard. Hint of cinnamon, nutmeg, all-spice.

Taste: Like eating pumpkin bread. Smooth and buttery. Bready, brown sugar. Cannot taste the 8.6% ABV.

Mouthfeel: Medium body. Lightly carbonated.

Overall: Delicious. Very tasty autumn beer. Not overly spicy or sweet. What is amazing is that beer can be made to taste like something else entirely; it's like drinking pumpkin bread.

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