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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Not Brewing Today


As the title says, I am not brewing today. I don't mind not brewing today because I don't feel so well. I don't have much energy. Besides, my single fermenter bucket is busy fermenting my first home brew: an Extra Pale Ale. So I have to wait. Instead, I have created this blog. With this blog, I plan to share my experiences, the things I learn, and the tastes I create.

In the blog entries to follow I'll describe my first home brewing experience: the recipe I used, the sights and smells, and the process used. For now, I'll just say that the fermenter is in the basement, it has been down there for a week, and the attenuation phase--when the airlock bubbles the most due to vigorous fermentation--has ended. The beer will stay in the fermenter another two weeks.

fermenter in the basement
In the mean time, I'll prepare bottles and write this blog. Please follow this blog for updates. I hope you'll find the home brewing process as interesting as I do.

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