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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Planting Hops

This weekend I planted my hop rhizomes. I bought one Tettnanger and one Columbus rhizome from Farmhouse Brewing Supply. I waited kind of late to order so I didn't have much to choose from. If these hops grow well I'll order different varieties.

You can see that I have two tee-pees of wire for the hops to climb on. A few weeks a ago I put in the shorter post and wire, thinking that they might not grow much the first year. After thinking about it more I decided to put in the taller post and longer wire. The hops still might not grow as much, but at least I'm prepared.
Hop rhizomes planted on May 12, 2012
I planted each rhizome at the base of the longer wires. Tettnanger on the left, Columbus on the right. I soaked the soil after planting.

The rhizomes are just beneath the rich, dark compost that I brought from the compost pile, which is also where I put my spent grains and trub from my beers over the winter. So you see, the circle of beer has already begun. Not only can those hops and grains feed the local deer, they can also provide nutrients for hop rhizomes. I think you can guess what the rest of the circle will be, provided the rhizomes grow well. I'll keep you posted.

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