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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eremita Wine Tasting

Last night we finally had a chance to taste the wines from Eremita Winery. Our friend Josh owns the winery and we had meant to get out to visit the winery in Lodi, NY over the summer...but we didn't. Lucky for us, he traveled out our way. Josh and his girlfriend, Abbie, were at the Nail Creek Pub last night to do a tasting.
Eremita Goddess and Chardonnay
As we stepped into the Nail Creek Pub I was reminded that we are indeed in the holiday season. The pub was quite warm and cozy with a festive, lighted tree in the front window. There were people in winter sweaters sniffing and sipping from stemmed wine glasses. Kim and I removed our coats and were greeted with wine glasses and our first pour of the evening: the un-oaked Chardonney.

Josh and Abbie were sure that we had a chance to taste all of the wines. Josh provided a brief description of the flavors and the relative sweetness for each.

I am not a big wine drinker. I prefer Rieslings and I like a good table wine. I'm not even going to attempt to provide a full, bottle by bottle review of the wines. My under-developed palate would provide few helpful adjectives. That being said, I liked all of the wines. Because I don't care for oak-aging, the Chardonnay was just right for me. The Riesling starts with a subtle, fruity note (the website says apricot, green apple, and peach), which I found to be a pleasant surprise. The Goddess is a great, red table wine that isn't too sweet and has a dry finish. And, although I don't typically care for oak-aging, the Pinot Noir may have been my favorite with the richest and most varied of flavors.

Each of the wines are described on the website. I encourage you to seek out some Eremita wine and have your own tasting. Josh mentioned that Eremita will be available at City Liquors in Utica, NY. You can also visit the tasting room in Lodi, NY (they have new winter hours).

Thank you Josh and Abbie! We love your wines.

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